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About Film & Animation / Professional Official Beta Tester Jazyl HomavazirMale/India Groups :iconthebeastlegion: TheBeastLegion
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JazylH's Profile Picture
Jazyl Homavazir
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
I'm an Animation professional from Mumbai India specializing in character design & 2-d Animation. I also happen to be the creator of the Beast Legion, India's first award winning manga style webcomic which can be read at www.thebeastlegion.comIt is free to read fantasy adventure series I've been running for the last 6 years in hopes of getting my story accross to the world. If you are a fan of fantasy, 80s cartoons or anime there something in it for everyone. So please do try it out.

One of my goals is to someday gather some of the best animation talent India has to offer & change the landscape of Indian Animation. High goals, but hopefully not impossible.

If you enjoy my art & wish to support it, please consider contributing towards my Patreon campaign at

Favourite cartoons: He-man, Naruto, Bleach, FMAB, Thundercats


'The Original Vindicators' Animated Promo
The Original Vindicators (

Concept & Character by Rod Williams (
Animation by me

So excited to showcase this here on DA. :D (Big Grin)  So 4 weeks back I was commissioned by Rod to work on his independent series The Vindicators... a superhero themed comic that he has created. At first I was a bit sketical given the number if characters that were involved but on the other side i was excited to cause the possibilities for action scenes was amazing & Rod gave me free reign to plan the whole thing out. So over 3 & a half weeks & around 985 frames, heres the final promo done by me solo. I treated all the sequences as an anime style opening.

Sad part about being in India is that animation is still perceived as a kids only medium & nothing beyond the age of 12 is approved & as such quality is always compromised. I want to take these type of projects up to prove that if one person can accomplish this, imagine what a group of talented animators here can accomplish if the budget is decent. I hope you all enjoy this 40 second animation & help us circulate it across the web. Hoping to work on more such projects this year to add to my resume.

It's been a long time since I've been featured on DA despite so many arts & illustrations. I hope this breaks the ice. Have fun guys. 

I'll be posting one or two psd of the animated scenes for $5+ patrons over at PATREON over the next 2 months.
Vindicators Animated Scene
So for the last 3 weeks I was working on a little animated promo for Rod William's rodcom1000.deviantart.c… self published comic The Vindicators in my anime style. Here's just one small piece of animation that may not make it to the final intro but I still loved animating. So here's one of the characters Shatter punching the villain Herrod. I so hope you like it. Would love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned full animation coming soon. :)
Monstarr of Limbo
Do here's the very First Patreon Request of the Year Illustrated... Monstar the Intergalactic mob boss from Silverhawks requested by Eric R Queen.

So starting this year I will be picking a random Patreon Patron each month & fulfilling his/her art request. On the 20th of each month I will be announcing the name alomg with a poll to determine what should be the reward illustration for the coming month. For as little as $1/month you too can be a part of this journey by supporting my art at

Hope you enjoy the art.
Xeus transformation Animation Beast Legion
First post of 2017! 

Hey guys, I've worked really hard on this 85 frame animation & I hope you all appreciate it. It's a scene where the protagonist of my webmanga series The Beast Legion transforms into his Beast Form.  I'm really looking forward to your responses on this. The comic is something that I've been working on for 6 years & 12 complete chapters  & I'd love to see it's fan base increase over time. I hope this animation achieves that purpose. It's my dream to see the series animated in anime style some day. Feel free to share the animation as much as you can to help spread awareness of the series. I hope you'll give the comic a shot. 

And for all those who pledge towards my PATREON campaign for $24/year (i.e $2/month)... You'll get access to the psd file of this animation plus December Rewards as well.  Your support will help me focus more on my personal art goals & help run the comic more smoothly. Wish you a Great 2017 guys! Undertale Underfell Underswap Dusttale 
He-man Anime Illustration Patreon Reward No 2
Couldn't leave Skelly alone now could I. Heres a more action packed perspective pose of He-man in my style. Would love to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it!

You can support my art & comic on Patreon at

My 2015 Abscence, Beast Legion and my Patreon

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2016, 11:16 AM

Dear All,
Thank you so much for those who have stuck by to support me despite my absence on DA for over a year in 2015. There was just so much going on during that year including some amazing moments & a small phase of illness. As most of you may know, I have dream of seeing my webcomic The Beast Legion reach a larger audience each year. I have been running it for 6 years now at my own expense & I have nothing to regret cause the love it's been getting & the fame its been bringing along has  been a major motivation factor. BUT as much as I would love to make my comic a full  time thing it's just not a possibility at this point. I work full time as a 2d Animation professional & that's what pays my bills & family expenses & helps me strive towards a better future.

And last year I got an amazing opportunity to prove my self. I got a chance to work on screenplay & animatics for webisodes 27-30 & 39-48 of LEGO Friends Season 2 along with my talented friend & collegue Panickerz . It was an amazing experience with extremely tight deadlines & work processes that I had never experienced before. Although it was a hectic 4 months, we managed to get the episode animatics done within that period. All the episodes are now up on their Youtube ChannelBut this project also gave me the confidence to finally branch out on my own & head back to freelancing as a better more disciplined artist/animator. I so wish I could share some of the animatic shots we did but apparently contract forbids it. However the excessive deadlines re-triggerred a severe migraine attack that kept be down for a little less than a month & hence I could hardly get much personal work done apart from pages of my comic which I usually do in my spare times at night.

Legofriends Screencaps Copy by JazylH

Apart from that I have a;lso be working on two other very ambitious webcomic projects as a freelance line artist, one of which includes & another anthro series that will be released on the 5th of MAy & something I'm super excited about. I am now heading animation production on an indian webcartoon series which will release on youtube sometime in August or earlier with 1 episode per month. But I'm finally getting the time I need to work on my personal art & the recent animation I'm posting is a result of that. I'm finally able to now fo\ocus on creating content for my Patreon backers & thankfully it's been a great source of funding that keeps my webcomic running . If you enjoy my art & wish to support me for even as little as a dollar par month Patreon is the answer. I hope it grows in due but until then i will try to post as much art as i possible can & I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading...

Beast Legion Animated Poster - Xeus by JazylH

journal skin by sempiternia

Your Favourite Patreon reward Illustration from November Line up... 

27 deviants said Classic Hordak Hordak : Illustration #3 for November by JazylH
26 deviants said Imperfect Cell Imperfect Cell Poster Art by JazylH
12 deviants said Darkseid DARKSEID by JazylH


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